November rocks !!

By Shakeel Ahmad | Mar 5, 2013

After a few weeks of wind and big seas, it was nice to have some good weather again on the reef. Ric joined us for a week with his wife and they brought some slick calm conditions, awesome once you are out fishing, but can be a bit intimidating when you cant even see the…

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Back in the Ribbons

By Shakeel Ahmad | Nov 19, 2012

Peter and Lydie joined us for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the season. We spent the first week light tackle fishing, lots of snorkelling and spearing and great meals, as well as filling the freezers full of bait. We started fishing in glorious weather, but a big high pressure system moved in…

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Back in Cairns, GBR !!!

By Shakeel Ahmad | Sep 16, 2012

Back in Australia for the Cairns season, I spent a few weeks getting the TRADITION ready to go north again for the marlin season. Joining me for the trip up the first part of the coast was Anthony, Sean and Kyle, for 10 days of fishing, spearing and exploring. We headed up through Moreton Bay,…

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A week of charters from Australia and the US in Cap Cana

By Shakeel Ahmad | Jul 6, 2012

Josh Ardis joined me for a week of charters of my clients, Mark and hid son Dalton joined us from the US, and Rolf came all the way from Australia to catch a white marlin !!! On our first day with Mark and Dalton we went 2 from 2 white marlin, with Dalton cathcing his…

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Flyfishing for Marlin in the DR

By Shakeel Ahmad | Jul 6, 2012

Captain Jake Jordan, and Captain Erik Lorentzen joined me on Cap Cana to fish on the “Natural” for 4 days of fly fishing with Jakes clients from San Francisco. Jake is a world leader in teaching people to catch billfish on fly, and Erik is one of the best teaser men on the planet, and…

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14 June 2012

By Shakeel Ahmad | Jun 14, 2012

Today Ed and Manuel joined myself and Paco as the mate for a day fishing on the Bertram. We saw 3 blue marlin, missed 2 on the switch,1 of which that didnt tease up. We went 2 from 3 white marlin and saw 2 more whites that didnt eat. A fun day on the water

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Little black marlin season in Australia is just around the corner

By Shakeel Ahmad | Jun 13, 2012

The little black marlin are showing up in good numbers already off Cairns and Townsville on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I will be available for charter for fun fishing, family trips and tournaments on my boat “TRADITION” Tournaments we can fish include : Cairns Bluewater August 22-25 light tackle trip from Cairns to…

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Cap Cana continues to deliver

By Shakeel Ahmad | May 23, 2012

Friday and Saturday I ran a boat for one of my clients, Friday we caught 1 from 3 whites, and raised a blue marlin that didnt eat, and on Saturday we had a great day, catching 4 whites from 8 bites, pity we didnt hang onto a few more, sneaky whitey !!!! Sunday i fished…

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Dominican Republic Time !!!!!

By Shakeel Ahmad | Apr 27, 2012

Just like 2010 and 2011, again this year the Dominican Republic is the place to be for marlin, lots of white and blue marlin around, with double digit figures each day very possible, and already happening. I am fishing out of the resort marina at Cap Cana Marina, only 7 miles from the Punta Cana…

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Nov 22 2011

By Shakeel Ahmad | Nov 22, 2011

Joining us from Florida for 6 days was Mike and Mike. We started this trip in Cairns and marked a bunch of fish on Linden Bank , but with most of the fleet there, I kept heading north up to Escape Reef, where we got off to the start of the trip with a small…

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