Month: October 2006

Lizard Island Tournament 2006

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 29, 2006 / Comments Off on Lizard Island Tournament 2006

We fished 3 guys from South Africa, who were here with 2 other teams fishing on different boats. The week was over all slow, with flashes of brilliance!!. Fishing for us was a little different to the last few weeks, with only a few fish being seen, in periods of days. Many great captains did […]


Friday October 28 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 28, 2006 / Comments Off on Friday October 28 2005

What a week this was, just finshed 6 days on the Bali-Hai, a beautiful 40 year old classic mothership. THe fishing has been incredible this week, with at least 10 fish right around the mark let go, and at least 2 over 1100 tagged as well. We had a mixed bag, jumping off 2 fish […]


Wednesday October 12 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 12, 2006 / Comments Off on Wednesday October 12 2005

Been a bit busy to report as I should have, so here it is tonight as the boys are cooking dinner. Fished out of Cairns on the weekend of October 1 and 2, fishing was slow, but did stack up on big baits and caught some nice coral trout for dinner. October 3-7 I fished […]


Oct 13 2006

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 12, 2006 / Comments Off on Oct 13 2006

Another great week of fishing on TRADITION, with 9 fish in 7 days, including another 950 lb fish for Matthew, his first big fish. Fished No:10 Ribbon Reef for most of the week, seeing 3-6 fish per day, and having a shot at one over 600 nearly every day. We had a couple of big […]


Oct 4 2006

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 4, 2006 / Comments Off on Oct 4 2006

WOW, what a week of fishing TRADITION has had the last 4 days. Pretty much the best fishing of my life driving a boat. First day on Linden Bank, I raised 8 fish, had 5 bites and jumped off a 400 lb fish, and tagged a 550, 900 and finished the day with one I […]


Oct 1 2006

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 1, 2006 / Comments Off on Oct 1 2006

After a slow week us for the 40th, we jumped off 4 fish and saw quite a few more. Our anglers from the NT were blown away, and are coming back next year, a little later in the season when the weather will hopefully be a bit better. Top boat had 9, 8 and 6 […]