Month: November 2006

November 17 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / November 17, 2006 / Comments Off on November 17 2005

Well I finally have a day to catch my breath and get back online with an update from the past couple of weeks. Oct 28- Nov 3 we had some clients from the US staying onboard the mothership “The Boss” for 7 days. After a late start and bait fishing the first day from Cooktown. […]


November 3 2006

By Shakeel Ahmad / November 3, 2006 / Comments Off on November 3 2006

Well, I dont know where to begin!!! Other than the delay for the update can be blamed on Telstras absolutely crappy service!! Last report was Kens first day with a real nice one up on Hicks Reef of 1050 lbs !!!! His week got even better!!! Next day we went back to the same area […]