Month: September 2008

Sept 29 2008

By Shakeel Ahmad / September 29, 2008 / Comments Off on Sept 29 2008

No: 3 Ribbon Reef Finished up wth David and John on Friday, after 2 days of windy conditions and a couple of small fish that jumped off at the back of the boat while fishing Spur, Onyx and the bottom of Linden Bank. The boys also managed a really nice yellowfin tuna each the last […]


Tues Sept 23 2008

By Shakeel Ahmad / September 23, 2008 / Comments Off on Tues Sept 23 2008

Noggin Reef, just south of Cairns. After a few good days bait fishing we now have full freezers and start heavy tackle in earnest today. The fishing on Linden bank has been good, and we will be fishing there this afternoon. Compared to last year the water is already 78-79 degrees (as opposed to 76 […]


Sept 18 2008

By Shakeel Ahmad / September 18, 2008 / Comments Off on Sept 18 2008

Another day at Cape Bowling Green with lots of encounters but not many results to the boat. We had/saw at least 8 fish again today but only managed to convert 2 all the way to the boat, one for each of the boys. Here is John with his Black Marlin. Also have a pic of […]


Sept 17 2008

By Shakeel Ahmad / September 17, 2008 / Comments Off on Sept 17 2008

Cape Bowling Green , Townsville Chris and I have had the most incredible trip up the coast, less then 15 knots the whole way wind wise, and pretty much 5-10 knots from the SE each day. I cant remember not getting hammered coming up the coast for a long time!!! We got a nice Blue […]


Sept 3 2008

By Shakeel Ahmad / September 3, 2008 / Comments Off on Sept 3 2008

Well the paintwork and varnish are almost finished, the boat is all waxed up, and Chris and I leave for the great warm north this weekend. I am so excited about this season, the little blacks have been back to good numbers and after a heavy wet season, the feel is for the fishing to […]