Sept 17 2008

Cape Bowling Green , Townsville

Chris and I have had the most incredible trip up the coast, less then 15 knots the whole way wind wise, and pretty much 5-10 knots from the SE each day. I cant remember not getting hammered coming up the coast for a long time!!!


We got a nice Blue of about 450 on the way from Lady Musgrave up to the bottom of the Swains, and then spent 4 days filling the freezers with big baits.


We picked up David and John at Hamilton Island on Sunday afternoon and spent a wonderful night in that magical place – Nara Inlet. Monday we fished from the Whitsundays out to Old Reef, about 30nm from Cape Bowling Green, and managed to get a nice big sail of around 100lb and feisty little black as well form another bite and one other sighting. We spent the night rafted up to the our mothership “Atlantic Princess” She has another big refit and is just beautful.


Yesterday we fished Cape Bowling Green and while seeing about 8 fish , we only managed to catch 2 , while jumping off 3 others!!! The bait was not really to be found , but we will see what happens today.


Reports form up north have Bill on the Viking starting his heavy tackle season yesterday and went 3 for 5 out front of Cairns. The big girls are here, and we will be there at the end of the week/early weekend to fish the bank all next week.


Only 1 or 2 openings left so if you want to come for what is shaping up to be an incredible season, drop me an email.


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