Month: October 2009

Oct 29 2009 Jewell Reef

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 29, 2009 / Comments Off on Oct 29 2009 Jewell Reef

Wow, what a difference a few days and some wind can make!!! The day of the last report, yeah I have been slack, was an awesome day on the Reef, we started our first of 3 days with Jason from the US, and while the wind was up to 25 knots, the fish were here […]


Oct 22 2009

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 22, 2009 / Comments Off on Oct 22 2009

The run of incredible weather is about to end, and although it has been nice, it might make the fish want to eat properly and not just stuff around with the baits. The fishing for us has been really consistant, with 2-4 fish seen a day, whilst our catching has not been as good. Meanwhile […]


Oct 13 2009

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 13, 2009 / Comments Off on Oct 13 2009

Nice conditions has been the rule rather than the exception this season so far!!! The last few days has seen 20 knots of SE trade wind and the rest of the time has been 10 to 15 knots, a huge difference form the last couple of years. The good news is that the BIG fish […]


Thursday Oct 9 2008

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 9, 2009 / Comments Off on Thursday Oct 9 2008

The fishing has been improving each day with 11 and 13 tags for the last 2 days. We did not see one yesterday, but had a great swim and spear at No:1 Ribbon yesterday morning and the girls had a great time. Brian Felton is leading the comp with 5 fish, mostly fishing up the […]


Oct 5 2009

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 5, 2009 / Comments Off on Oct 5 2009

We are on our 3rd trip of the season now, and after getting the marlin bites but not converting for the first week, we are back in the Groove. We had the boys from Melbourne up, who enjoyed some great light tackle fishing, and we had some bites on the big rods but didnt stay […]