Month: October 2007

Oct 29 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 29, 2007 / Comments Off on Oct 29 2007

WHEW!!! Relief at last!!! after a few days with no marlin action today we hit the jackpot with real nice one about 650lbs that put on an awesome show and give Paul a big stretch on the leader as the frames from todays videos will show. The fish came up on the scad in front […]


Oct 25 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 25, 2007 / Comments Off on Oct 25 2007

Well the weather the last few dasy has been outstanding, 10-15 knots and just wonderful after the big wind of the comp. The fishing has been a bit slow, but we have been picking away catching 1 day.Day before yesterday we got a feisty one dor Dan about 250lbs on the scad, down and tight, […]


Sunday Oct 21 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 21, 2007 / Comments Off on Sunday Oct 21 2007

Last night was a big night at the Marlin Barn on Lizard Island. The place was jumping and we definately gave it our best. We stuck to our gameplan and went south again to Lena and the lower Ribbons. We saw 2 straight away, but neither ate ,and one even swam right up to the […]


Oct 20 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 20, 2007 / Comments Off on Oct 20 2007

Today is the last day of the Lizard Island comp, and yesterday we got off to a good start with Brandon catching one early to put us into 2nd ahead of Calypso and Maritimo, but even with Kanahoee. Then we only saw one more fish all day!!! Kanahoee caught 2 more for 9 total, and […]


Thurs Oct 18 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 18, 2007 / Comments Off on Thurs Oct 18 2007

Well we won the daily yesterday with 2 fish on time, and were equal 4th with a few other boats overall. BIG NEWS -the weather forecast was right!!! Which is a big bummer as it is now 25-30 knots and bit choppy. Bait fished most of the morning for a total of none!! Which was […]


Wed Oct 17 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 17, 2007 / Comments Off on Wed Oct 17 2007

Number 3 Ribbon Reef. Yesterdays totals for the tournament was 20 fish tagged, from about 63 bites. Today we bait fished south and put the baits in at the bottom of Lena Reef , and again tagged the first fish of the day, a feisty one on the scad for Brandon about 100 lbs, and […]


Tue Oct 16 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 16, 2007 / Comments Off on Tue Oct 16 2007

Day 3 of the Lizard Island Tournament and the fishing has picked up to match the weather!! Good wind yesterday and today, 20+ knots from the SE have the fish up and tailing downsea into the edge. Yesterday Brandon got his first GBR black, a nice feisty one about 250 lbs, and missed another one […]


Mon Oct 15 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 15, 2007 / Comments Off on Mon Oct 15 2007

Night before last was the briefing for the 21st Lizard Island Tournament, and we arrived after running and fishing our way from Cooktown after resupplying and picking up RJ, John and Brandon, all good friends of ours from Florida. The tournament briefing was a debacle as usual, with our anglers ordering and paying for 6 […]


Sat Oct 13 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 13, 2007 / Comments Off on Sat Oct 13 2007

With the most part of the fleet into Cooktown last night, about 20 boats are waiting to head up to Lizard Island for the start of the tournament tonight with the briefing. Yesterday was our last day with Peter and Lydie, and the day started about 8 am with a nice long breakfast followed by […]


Oct 8 2007

By Shakeel Ahmad / October 8, 2007 / Comments Off on Oct 8 2007

9 pm No 5 Ribbon Reef Well after what can only be called a very disappointing start to the season, we finished 4 days with Jamie and the boys from Sydney with not even a fish seen!!! We had a blast swimming, jigging and catching lots of scaleys and bait. On Sunday Peter and Lydie […]