Oct 25 2007

Well the weather the last few dasy has been outstanding, 10-15 knots and just wonderful after the big wind of the comp.

The fishing has been a bit slow, but we have been picking away catching 1 day.Day before yesterday we got a feisty one dor Dan about 250lbs on the scad, down and tight, got to love that!!!

And yesterday Ken got a nice fish about 500 that put on a greaet show behind the boat and also on the leader for Mike, who got stretched out good with Tradition in hot pursuit.

This morning we went for a swim and then headed out fishing. The only real news for the day was Sparrow on Square Bear weighed one that went 902 for their angler Fred, and there were a few other bites.

We went down tot he bottom of Lena, fished back to the top of No:4 Ribbon where we got Kens the day before, and then worked my way back to the middle of #3 where we got crash tackled by a nice fish about 900lb that dropped the bait. Winding it back up she followed it up and crashed the bait again while we freespooled her off the reel. Came tight and pulled drag for about 100 yards and came off again.


The boys cranked in what was left of the tuna and quickly put another one out and her she is again and eats just as Paul put the loop in the shotgun clip. Another big side on bite and after giving her plenty of time to eat the bait we set up again to have her pull drag agin and then let go of the bait to return to us a nice head and hook. The whole time she was just holding the bait in her mouth and running away from the boat.

All this action was after 6pm, and we fished for another 15 minutes before heading back to the Bali Hai which is anchored at #3 Ribbon.

Today is our last day with Ken and Dan, so we are all planning on a big one!!!

Ken is going to join me in Panama in Jan for a week, so if you want to come and fish Panama in the last week in Jan/first week in Feb let me know. I have 1 week available.


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