Sat Oct 13 2007

With the most part of the fleet into Cooktown last night, about 20 boats are waiting to head up to Lizard Island for the start of the tournament tonight with the briefing.

Yesterday was our last day with Peter and Lydie, and the day started about 8 am with a nice long breakfast followed by another great swim at the top of No: 1 Ribbon.

The fleet was spread between Lena and the top of No: 5 Ribbon and there were fish marked, seen and caught pretty much all the way along.

After watching Kanahoee get a nice medium sized one on stand up 50, I marked a fish that came straight up and after teasiing the shotgun scaley for a minute or so finally committed to having a taste.

Peter was in the chair on a really feisty one about 500 lbs that also gave Mike a big stretch with about 6 big jumps on the leader while I chased her around the ocean.

Was really nice for it to be our turn for a change!!!!

We all had dinner last night at the RSL Club, and today the boys from Florida join us for 8 days of the comp.

The weather has been FLAT calm for 8 days now, and this afternoon will return to normal with 20+ SE coming, the bite should turn on just in time for the comp.

Tim, Mike and Paul.

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Shakeel Ahmad

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