Thurs Oct 18 2007

Well we won the daily yesterday with 2 fish on time, and were equal 4th with a few other boats overall.

BIG NEWS -the weather forecast was right!!! Which is a big bummer as it is now 25-30 knots and bit choppy.

Bait fished most of the morning for a total of none!! Which was pretty disappointing after nearly 4 hours.
Started at the top of #3 and basically fished there and #4 all day. We saw 5 fish I think, had 3 bites, and tagged 2 , one each for Brandon and John, whose 400lber went nuts greyhounding downsea with us in hot pursuit.

I was marking fish most of the day, though no big ones, and picked off Brandons fish off a school of skipjacks just off the edge.

A few big ones today, with Mistress tagging one about 1100 and a couple of 800’s, the balance were males and were steadily biting most of the day. Though a lot were falling off.

I am pretty sure Sharky on the new maritimo 55 won the day with 3 tags, and I think we are even on 6 fish.

Well thats about it for now from the anchorage at #5 Ribbon Reef, up early to find some small scaleys, and hope to find a couple more tomorrow to keep us in the top few boats.

Tim, Mike and Paul

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