Wed Oct 17 2007

Number 3 Ribbon Reef.

Yesterdays totals for the tournament was 20 fish tagged, from about 63 bites.

Today we bait fished south and put the baits in at the bottom of Lena Reef , and again tagged the first fish of the day, a feisty one on the scad for Brandon about 100 lbs, and thenslowly fished our way north and tagged another about 200 on No:1 Ribbon Reef.

There was still a slow pick all the way up, with Corey on Mauna Kea catching 2 or 3 from a bunch of bites. Billfish also had a good day, tagging a couple as well. The water got a bit funky around the top of #2, so I ran up to the top of #3, where a couple of other boats had both had good mornings and got soem nice big ones. I trolled around for about and hour and raised one on the shotgun that didnt eat. I spent the rest of the afternoon there and after marking fish for a few hours we had bit from a really nice one around 800 or so on the shotgun, but unfortunately came undone just after the bite while she was jumping.

The boys were pretty excited and with the wind picking up to a consistant 25-30 knots for the next few dasy the fish should be tailing in more and the bites have been very aggressive in the heavier weather.
We have 4 fish now, which puts us about 5th or so I think, but could be wrong. Looking forward to tomorrows fishing.


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Shakeel Ahmad

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