Tue Oct 16 2007

Day 3 of the Lizard Island Tournament and the fishing has picked up to match the weather!!

Good wind yesterday and today, 20+ knots from the SE have the fish up and tailing downsea into the edge.
Yesterday Brandon got his first GBR black, a nice feisty one about 250 lbs, and missed another one and saw 3 more. Anchored at No: 3 for the night. Not sure exactly how many caught yesterday, but I think around 20 fish.

Today the bite was more towards the morning to mid afternoon, with most boats getting a few bites today, form down where we started on Lena Reef, up to thru the middle Ribbons and up to the top end. Bill Billson got 4 early in a flurry on No: 7 and 6, but was all over by about 2pm.

We speared a few trout this morning and popped out at the bottom of Lena Reef for a nice day of downsea tacks.
had a bite form a small one on the scaley and John did a quick job and we tagged him at 11.38, and yesterdays was at 11.37.

Fished our way up thru No:1 to the middle of No:2 Ribbon where we got piled on by a real nice 800 lber to pull the hook soon after.

Another bite from a tailing fish and saw 3 more , 2 of which were lit up like a neon blue sign from head to tail.

Late in the day we were next to Shaka as they tagged a small one with 10 minutes to go.

Anchored at No: 5 for the night, with beautiful yellowfin tuna sashimi for appetizer and 2 nice lamb roasts for dinner.

There was a good pick all day around No: 5 to No: 8, but we didn’t see a boat all day till we got to No: 3, so I think we will go back to where we fished today. The bite has definately started now, so come and fill in those Nov days I have open.

Tim, Mike and Paul

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