Shakeel Ahmad

July 14 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / July 14, 2005 / Comments Off on July 14 2005

Finishing some loose ends, and fishing next week out of the Gold Coast for blues, the bite has been good when the weather has been good. Townsville continues to fire with 4-6 little blacks per boat per day. Will be up there middle of August, have a few openings for this great fishery. A few […]


July 2 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / July 2, 2005 / Comments Off on July 2 2005

Out of the boat yard at last, took too long as usual, but the results are really impressive. Now if it would just stop raining I could finish a few little jobs. Cobia have been really biting out in 24 fathoms, and once this weather is gone we will be out there next week trying […]


May – June 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / May 23, 2005 / Comments Off on May – June 2005

TRADITION is in the boat yard with lots of major work being undertaken to bring her up to my requirements. The new Lees 36 foot outriggers are on and really sharpen up the look of the boat, Scopinich Chairs in the cockpit and bridge make for a beautiful and functional work place. All the Furuno […]


April 18 2005

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After consulting with some of the trawler guys in town I got some marks for some different areas to try on the way back up to the Gold Coast. Ran out and with the angle of the swell ended up a bit further north than where I wanted to start, but did find some good […]


April 2005

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If the wind ever stops blowing we can go fishing!!!! Check out the specials for travelling up and down the coast this season for Cairns in the Bookings and info page.


March 28 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / March 28, 2005 / Comments Off on March 28 2005

Fished out of Yamba again, great deep country out here, drops from 100 fathoms to 660+ in a few miles, jumped off a small blue, and caught a big dolphin, yellowfin tuna and wahoo off a big floating piece of steel ship. Flat calm and beautiful conditions.


March 27 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / March 27, 2005 / Comments Off on March 27 2005

Fished today out of Yamba and tagged a 300 lb striped marlin, fish was lit up like a Christmas tree, and piled on the bridge teaser before switching to the short rigger.


March 23 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / March 23, 2005 / Comments Off on March 23 2005

Talk about rough!!! The Couran Cove tournament was held in big seas with wind around 20knots, fishing was really tough and not much fun. no bites Saturday, and fished in the river and had a quiet day Sunday. Top boat had 3 fish, and one boat had someone washed off the flybridge by a wave […]


March 17 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / March 17, 2005 / Comments Off on March 17 2005

I have been working on the boat on the Gold Coast , getting the systems sorted and waiting for all my stuff to arrive from the US. We are fishing the Couran Cove Tournament this weekend, it is an all species tournament, so we will be fishing for Blue and striped marlin out wide, as […]


Feb 24 2005

By Shakeel Ahmad / February 24, 2005 / Comments Off on Feb 24 2005

Well after a great Miami Boat Show and lots of time spent in the Big Game Room, I am now on a plane and heading for the Gold Coast to fish and refit the boat over the next few months. Miami was a lot of fun, saw a whole lot of old friends, made some […]