Aug 15 2011

By Shakeel Ahmad | Aug 15, 2011

I have now finished up my contract on the Ambush, with a great 2 week trip mostly diving all thru the British Virgin Islands. The two families we had on the Olga and Ambush had a great time, and the kids all had a blast with us on the Ambush, with some excellent deep dropping…

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June 22 2011

By Shakeel Ahmad | Jun 22, 2011

We spent a week in the BVI’s (British Virgin Islands) on the Ambush with the Olga and had some great fishing. After a couple of good days deep dropping, we followed these by a swordfish expedition to an area that looked good on the chart. I had only fished for an hour or so and…

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May 29 2011

By Shakeel Ahmad | May 29, 2011

After a break from travelling and hanging at the dock in Puerto Rico, with a few weekend trips here and there, we start up our summer blue marlin season tomorrow in St Thomas and the British Virgin Islands. The fishing in the Dominican Republic has been very good the last few weeks, and hopefully a…

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March 15 2011

By Shakeel Ahmad | Mar 15, 2011

St Vincent, Windward Islands , Caribbean Yes, I am a long way from the GBR!!! We have been doing lots of traveling on the “Ambush” and the “Olga” the last 5 weeks. The boats have done almost 1000nm, and visited lots of countries, from our base in Puerto Rico, and around most of the islands…

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Feb 11 2011

By Shakeel Ahmad | Feb 11, 2011

Another month and a completely different hemisphere and ocean all together!!! I was fortunate to have the Tradition back home at the Gold Coast City Marina, where she spends the off season, a couple of days before Christmas. We fortunately missed the January storms around Brisbane that took so many lives, and then followed up…

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Dec 13 2010

By Shakeel Ahmad | Dec 13, 2010

Wow, has it been a month since my last update? After finishing our trip with Steve and Catherine on a high with 2 really big fish, we couldnt wait to get back out for another trip, this time with Dave and his friends from Canberra. This was Daves second trip to the reef this year,…

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Dec 6 2011

By Shakeel Ahmad | Dec 6, 2010

Wayne and the boys joined us from Melbourne for a few days away from work. With things a bit slow on the Bank, we headed out wide looking for the tuna aggregation, but alas they were not where they were supposed to be and had been swallowed up by a big edge of green water,…

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Nov 15 2010

By Shakeel Ahmad | Nov 15, 2010

The BIG FISH are here!!!! We finished our trip with Ash and the boys with 2 more 300 lb fish. Eduardo, Manuel and Elias joined us in Cooktown all the way from the Dominican Republic, a place I have fished and love for blue marlin. Our normal nice November weather has not shown up yet,…

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Nov 1 2010

By Shakeel Ahmad | Nov 1, 2010

Its been a great time since the last report, we fished my regular client Greg for 10 days again this year and he had one of his best ever trips on TRADITION. We started in the middle Ribbons and got one the first day and followed that up with 2 the second day, and then…

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Oct 20 2010

By Shakeel Ahmad | Oct 20, 2010

Been a busy week on the Tradition, after Georges grander on Sunday, we followed it up with a 900lb fish for Les at the top of No: 5 Ribbon Reef. This year has seen some amazing bites, and this one was no exception, I raised her and didnt get a bite, so in the middle…

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