Aug 15 2011

I have now finished up my contract on the Ambush, with a great 2 week trip mostly diving all thru the British Virgin Islands. The two families we had on the Olga and Ambush had a great time, and the kids all had a blast with us on the Ambush, with some excellent deep dropping trips, and just relaxing. We dove some nice ledges, and a cool old British mail ship that ran aground in a hurricane a long time ago. We trolled the North Drop for a couple of days, but the weed and green water made it tough, but thankfully now on the August moon, the water has cleaned up and the USVI Boy Scout Tournament is going gangbusters!!!! With lots of fish and up to 10 bites a day for some boats. Wish we could have stayed and fished!!!!. Im sure that my Lumo Sprocket would have been on!!!

Well I am back in Florida this week, before heading home next week to get the TRADITION out of the water and ready for another big season. Only the normal bottom job and some paint touch ups this time, by my friends at Gold Coast City Marina, and Dean at Spraytime Marine, who both helped out so much last year with the big refit.


The boys come in early September to help load the boat, do their tackle and for the trip up the coast, which will be a quick one. Straight thru to Hinchinbrook Island to see Capt Greg “Muddy” Edwards for a night and then scad fish to Cairns before we start our first heavy tackle trip with Thomas on the 20th of September for 11 days. Will be a great trip, September is so underrated these days, and is always good for some good wind and plenty of numbers of fish seen each day. Lots of smaller ones, but also some nice ones mixed in with them. I remember the early days in my career when we would be fishing out of Lizard by the first of September, and now we have the cooler water patterns again, it should really help make our seasons longer again.



Then one of the Reefs favourite couples arrive, with Peter and his lovely wife Lydie joining us for their annual 8 days on the TRADITION, and with the Lizard island Comp back in their dates, Lydie wants to again give the guys a run for their money!!!!. So we are putting the 50lb away for the week and will do our best to bring home the big trophy!!!

Then I have a new client, who has caught 3 grander blues, and is after his big black, so with 2 weeks booked, we should have a shot at a few nice big ones.

A couple of my regular clients cant make it this year, which opens up some opportunites during prime late October and November dates. If you are interested in some of this time, please email me. The wonderful motherhsips, Bali Hai and the Atlantic Princess are both available during this time period, and of course we can also cater for liveaboard trips.


I am then busy for a few weeks untill December, where we are available from December 8 onwards for our well known trips out wide to the seamount, and outer reefs and atolls of Holmes, Flora, McDermott Bank region. And at this time of the season there are also blue marlin and tunas to be caught, as well as poppers and jigging for doggies and GTs.


I am looking at leaving the boat in Cairns over the Christmas period this year, and then head down the coast in January. So if you are interested in bringing the family up over the holidays, or exploring some really remote areas on the way back to the Gold coast, please let me know. Would like to check out some of the remote atolls off the bottom of the Swains and seamounts off Fraser Island that are about 100 miles offshore.

Please email me if you have any questions about any trips you would like to try, and also about a special deal on 10 days Mothershipping with the Bali Hai – an EXCELLENT deal is available due to a cancellation.

Capt Tim Richardson

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