Sep 19 2011

Back in Cairns:

After a couple of really busy weeks at Gold Coast City Marina getting the TRADITION ready for the season, the boys arrived and got straight to work on the tackle and sorting through their stuff.

We left the Gold Coast last Saturday and had a good, but windy trip up the coast to Cairns, but fortunately the wind was offshore or behind us, most of the way. We had a few nights that were really cold which didn’t make it much fun up on the bridge. That enclosed bridge is a good idea every now and again!!


We chugged straight through from the coast to Cape Bowling Green, just south of Townsville before we even put a line in the water, and not even 5 minutes later we had a bite from a bigger fish, not your average 30- 60 lb black you normally get there, this was a real fat 120 lb fish that Carl fought for sooooo long!!!!

We stopped in Port Hinchinbrook where the big cyclone went through earlier this year, what a mess, the marina is still just pilings after all this time, and lots of homes still being fixed. The reason we stopped was to catch up with my great friend and old captain, Greg Edwards, who is up there with his family running a tour setup to the beautiful Hinchinbrook Island. We had a great night at his place, Moreton Bay bugs, Scollops and lots of stories from the old days around his big BBQ. A really good night for us all.

Got to Cairns on Friday evening, so an even 7 days up the coast for 845nm!!! and only burned half a tank of fuel. Heading out tomorrow to do some bait fishing and into heavy tackle.


Some really exciting news is that my good friend Merijo Attong along with Ozzie Gonzalez and Roddy Hays have put together a live fishing radio show once a week with reports and interviews from all over the world. These are some of the best of the best in the fishing world. log on to the link below for this weeks episode, and bookmark the page for episodes.

You can listen there, download or subscribe with your android, iphone, and Itunes should be up soon too.

The few boats that have been fishing have been doing really well, with a few 800/900 lb fish caught this week, as well as the smaller fish, and seems to be about 2-5 bites a day up the reef. Can’t wait to get out there.


Our season is pretty full, but due to a couple of cancellations I have some incredible mid season time available as a liveaboard or mothership trip. The open dates are Oct 24 to Nov 10, great tides and the weather is generally really good this tie of the year, and lots of big fish around. I only have 2 other openings, Nov 26 to 30 inclusive (5 days) and starting on Dec 8 onwards. These last 2 sets of dates are when we generally get out wide to the seamount and outer reefs, and when the tuna aggregation is happening, swimming with whale sharks, jigging big tunas from underneath them and also doggies and GT’s and big trout out at Holmes, Flora and down to McDermott Bank. These are really great trips to places rarely fished.

January I am doing a couple of trips out wide heading south, the first from Cairns down to Mackay via the outer reefs, and then from Mackay out thru the Swains, and down to the outer reefs and seamounts back to the Gold Coast. Just email me for more information.

Capt Tim Richardson
[email protected]

61 427 758768

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