April 23 2007

With a beautiful forcast for 3-8 knots of wind we headed north from the Gold Coast up towards the Cape Moreton Wide grounds off Brisbane. (About 50nm from Jumpinpin Bar to the bite)



Fishing north thru the Point Lookout area, where the bite had been during the week, did not result in much bait or condition so after some good reports further north I kept heading that way. Way out wide we came across a dead whale floating with nice yellowfin and dolphin fish in the area, we got a nice one of each and kept going as the smell was a bit rank!! There was one big tiger shark on it, and the next day when it had drifted in closer reports had a dozen big tigers and a 14 foot great white all having a good feed!!!

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Late afternoon we tagged a big striped marlin about 330lbs, and nice 350 lb blue before running in behind Moreton Island for a flat glassy calm night at anchor.



Back out to the area we fished a few weeks ago we got 2 good blues by 10am and then started trolling south towards home. About 4 miles south we jumped off another stripy and that was about it for the day, the fish seemed to shut down from Moreton Canyon south, but a further 20-40 miles north the bite continued with a few fish an hour for the boats fishing the Mooloolabar Tournament. I heard on the radio there were 49 marlin in 2 days from around 20 boats.


Back home for the week till the next blow during the week blows through. The fish should be here for at least another month and with 10 marlin in 5 days it has been consistent to incredible. So jump on a plane and come and have a blast with us on Tradition.



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