Cap Cana continues to deliver

Friday and Saturday I ran a boat for one of my clients, Friday we caught 1 from 3 whites, and raised a blue marlin that didnt eat, and on Saturday we had a great day, catching 4 whites from 8 bites, pity we didnt hang onto a few more, sneaky whitey !!!!

Sunday i fished with Capt Bryce on the 72 Merritt ” Georgie Girl” with their owner, Carl who crews for me in Australia, and Brandon, we caught 2 whites and 1 blue marlin, of which i got 1 white and fun blue marlin.

On Monday I fished on the 73 foot Bayliss “Shark Byte” with Capt Rich Barrett and his onwers , as well as the boat builder John bayliss. We  got a blue and 2 whites to win the Cap Cana Shootout Well done yous on a great 3 days of fishing.

Solid fishing again yesterday in Cap Cana, the Natural went 2 blues and 6 whites, Alina 3 blues, one they fought for over 3 hours, and the Dona Luci caught 2 blues and 2 whites today.
I am out again Friday and Saturday, with the moon coming up, and the season getting into full swing, the next 6 weeks will be great, come down and fish with me
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Shakeel Ahmad

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