With almost 20 years experience as one of the best regarded and qualified mates, and subsequently, captains around the world, who better to help you with your new boat? Whether you are outfitting a new boat, refitting an existing boat, or looking to purchase a boat overseas, or build a custom boat for your requirements, there are few people with the knowledge and capability to assist you with your endeavours.


Captain Tim Richardson has extensive knowledge of the industry, having more than 15 years experience working in Florida. Both as a captain and mate, as well as manager at Scopinich Fighting Chairs and Scopinich Boatworks. He has successfully completed large scale refits on boats from 20 to 65 feet, as well as involved in the building of a 69′ Merritt, 4 x 35′ Scopinich Boats, refit of several 50′ plus sportfish boats, as well as the full refit and continual upgrade of TRADITION itself.

His love of fine custom boats has led him to start TRADITION BOATWORKS with master boat builder Dick Ward who built TRADITION. please check out for more information on building a custom boat for you. We have a range of boats from 30-56 feet or larger ready to build for you, including the incredible TRADITION 56.






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