Fri 24th Oct 2008

Back in Cooktown this morning to resupply with Donnie and Rob for a few days.

The last few days have seen a some good wind, some big fish and a few misses!!! On Sunday we jumped off a really big fish up at Day Reef, and went back on Monday and found a small one for Dave that went nuts. Tuesday we had our second day of the whole season without a fish back up at Day Reef.

Wednesday we headed down the inside of No: 10 Ribbon where we stocked up on big baits, and fished the top of No: 8 for the afternoon, not so good for us, we missed 3 big fish , one of which was a real nice one.

Thursday was our day to reconcile, and after getting a ring side seat to Deano on Castille catching a one right around or over 1000 lbs, we found a nive 600 lber for Dave on his final afternoon. So not too bad , got 2 from 4 in 4 days, and missed 4 others.

Meanwhile also fishing downsea with us was Deano on the Castille, who went 2 for 4 including one about 700 at 2nd Corner on No: 10.

The big fish are definately here now, with 2 over 1000 tagged yesterday, and a bunch of big fish also hooked. Word from the tuna longliners is that there is a large body of fish out wide off the Ribbons, and with the wind conditions , they should be here this week!!!

Everyone is so jacked up!!! cant wait to get back out there tomorrow.

Nov 4-9 inclusive is open, as is Dec 5-15 out of Cairns with another late season, Dec should be great like last year.


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Shakeel Ahmad

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