Friday October 28 2005

What a week this was, just finshed 6 days on the Bali-Hai, a beautiful 40 year old classic mothership. THe fishing has been incredible this week, with at least 10 fish right around the mark let go, and at least 2 over 1100 tagged as well. We had a mixed bag, jumping off 2 fish over 900 , had a bite from a really big fish that didnt go on with it, saw a another few over 800 and tagged a 600 , and a couple of 400 lb fish with the last 5 minutes of fishing yesterday we got jumped on by a big fish on the scad. As the sun progressed to the horizon, we got at least 10 big jumps at the back of the boat, all on video. After a 25 minute fight with lots of drag we tagged her and called her 950lb. What a way to end a great charter!!! Back out after lunch for the next 7 days, and lots of fish out 30 miles on there way in to the reef.


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Shakeel Ahmad

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