Lizard Island Tournament 2008 Wrap-Up

Well Lydie did an amazing job on the last day to catch 1 from 1 in the comp, and we tagged another after cease fishing to bring her total number to 7 in 7 days!!!

Lydie ended up Champion Female angler on 5 fish, and top male angler had 5 as well, but Lydie got her 5th before he did, so if there was Champion Angler Overall she would have won that as well !!


Champion boat for the second year running was Kanahoee with 6 fish, Hart Throb with 5, Iona with 5, and us TRADITION with 5 for Lydie. I am pretty sure we came one place higher than last year with a 5th, and this year a 4th !!!.

I want to thank the boys for an wonderful job coaching and helping in the pit and we look forward to seeing Peter and Kydie back next year to fish 50lb for the Womens record.

Fished 2nd corner to Heartbreak on #10 today and tagged a feisty small one with some good footage. The fish are snapping in the middle and we are off there in the morning to meet up with the Atlantic Princess in a few days.

Peter B got one near us over 1000lbs, one of 4 this week on the reef. The big girls are here and our turn is soon!!


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Shakeel Ahmad

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