Sep 3 2009

Made it to Cairns !!!!

Well the weather could not have been any better for our trip from Mackay to Cairns via the outer Great Barrier Reef. Light winds and calm seas were the call for our 8 days out on the TRADITION. We left Mackay and ran up to Nara Inlet in the Whitsundays, one of my favourite anchorages on the way up the coast . I try to make sure I stay there for a night each year. Glassy calm and a couple of porpoises greeted us at Nara just after dark.

The next week was spent fishing, snorkeling and spearing, along with some good scad fishing on the way to Cairns. Most days were only about a 4 hour troll, but a couple were big days for the kids. Luckily they didn’t have too much trouble working out how to make the DVD player and IPod work, so they were pretty happy!!!

sep09news1 sep09news2

Fished Cape Bowling Green off Townsville for little blacks, but other than seeing a couple of free jumpers, couldn’t find one behind the boat. But we did manage to release plague proportions of bonitos and spanish mackeral , as well as having quite a few chased and munched by the sharks who were in fine form !!!!! Next day we managed to let a little black about 50 lb find us, and after a zip on the teaser, ate the laser pro!!! 10 minutes of waiting for him to throw the treble and we tagged him and the hook pulled, perfect release.


The rest of the week was, troll for an hour, drop the anchor and snorkel and swim for a couple of hours and then troll a few hours to the next anchorage. A great week and a wonderful time with good friends.


In Cairns now and doing some chores before we get going in a couple of weeks. Still got some time last week of Sept and some other open dates during the season on the Contact and Available dates page.

Cant wait for the season to start !!!!


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