18 August 2008

Well it’s that time of the year again when we are in full swing getting the boat ready for the next 4 months of fishing and travelling. The varnish and paint work is well underway and will be heading north the first week of September.

With no charter for Townsville this year I am just heading straight to Cairns to start heavy tackle fishing around the 20th of September.

These extra few weeks came in handy, I had an accident and broke 5 ribs, punctured a lung and broke my shoulder blade into 4 pieces, and so having some recovery time has been very helpful. It’s been a month now and is getting better each day, but always overdoing it getting the boat ready for you all to enjoy.

I have also been busy with the design and drawings for the new 56 Tradition, which will start as soon as I have the current boat sold. The 56 will feature many features never seen before and has evolved into the most exciting boat to be built for what we use it for.

For more info on the 56 see www.TraditionBoatworks.com, more updated drawings will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks, and if you have always wanted to own the greatest 50 game boat built, (the current Tradition) please let me know.

Now to fishing, the little blacks have been consistent out of Townsville and Cairns for the past few months, which have been a good sign of good heavy tackle fishing over the years, and last year proved it right, with no little blacks, and slow fishing, so hopefully the trend stays.

I have a wonderful crew this year again with Paul Sharpe running the deck for the season, joined by a Cairns first timer in Chris Weeks, who has just spent this season pulling on big blues in Madeira on Tracy Melton’s boat. My good buddy Brandon is coming as well to fish the Lizard Island Tournament with regulars Peter and Lydie, and staying to fish some of his clients.

I have a few holes to fill that seem to be getting booked and unbooked over the last month!! I would love to find some keen folks to fish the first couple of weeks of the season,
Sept 20 – Oct 3, this has always been one of my favorite times of the year, with lots of fish and many big ones around as well. I can do great deals on this time, as I want to fish it so much.
I also have the week after LI Tournament, Oct 12-18, which has always been a consistent time, and we know exactly where the best fishing is as the fleet is spread out for the previous week.
For those who like the warmer and calmer times that November brings, I have Nov 4-9 and Nov 16 – 30 open.

I am also open for trips down the coast in Dec, via the popper fishing and wide grounds of Myrmidon Reef, Bugatti Reef complex and the Swains, down to Brisbane.

Well best wishes to everyone from me and I hope to hear from you all and hopefully see a few of you in those great openings I have open.

Capt Tim Richardson



For more info on any of these openings please contact me by email at [email protected] or intl 61 427 758768 or in Australia on 0427 758768

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