April 08

Just got back to Florida after a long weekend fishing with my buddies Capt Bruno and John on the Pipe Layer. We were fishing out of Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic, a 2 hour flight south of Miami. the airport at La Romana is about 10 minutes from the marina complex and one of the most beautiful places to stay and eat that I have been too. Definately world class, and leaves most of the other countries around to shame for quality of food and ammenities.


Then there is the fishing, we fished 2 days and saw 9 blue marlin, 4 on the first day and 5 on the second. We were trying to catch John one on 20lb tippet on fly so were set up for teasing.

A long rigger on each side , and bridge teaser on the left, the right rigger rod run from the left side of the chair to give plenty of room for the fly angler on the right.


Day 1:
We raised a fish that would not switch, and were constantly getting piled on by big dolphin, I mean damn 30-40 lbers for an hour or so, then we got away from them. As a note, there was one that went 68lbs caught while we were there. And thye are all super fat and healthy, as are the little blue marlins we are targetting. Most fish run 60-150 lbs, and are perfect for teaser fishing with 30 and 50s. We then had a fish tease in nice and John put the fly in the right spot as we pulled the teaser away whilst in neutral. It is probably the best style of bite you can get, no white water, a big fly and an angry lit up blue marlin!!!


The fish failed to find the fly, and faded off, and would not take a ballyhoo we cast back to him. Off again and raised one that switched well, ate a new bigger fly and we were off , only to last about 5 monutes before this fish tore all over the surface and broke the tippet on its shoulder. I think we raised another one that just went away.


The next day John wasnt feeling so well, so he informed me I was the angler for the day!!

So Arturo and I set up the spread and about 30 minutes in, we raised one on the bridge teaser, Bruno teased the fish in, neutral, I cast the fly and the fish ate going away perfectly. this one was about 120lbs and just took off stright down into the backing and just screaming line off the big Abel reel. Up on top and just tearing the ocean apart, as well as the tippet, so that one was over in about 5 minutes.

An hour later we raised another fish , Arturo teased it in, and I cast the fly once in neutral, the fish was all lit up and about 70lbs, he was coming at me so I popped the fly and he missed, then spun around and ate going away. Perfect hookup , and after a great battle of 30 minutes we let him go and got our fly back.


Arturo caught one on a 50 after it wouldnt tease in and i jumped in and got some video of this fish.

We also saw one tailing that day as well, but couldnt get close.

Back at the dock, a great meal, and ready for the flight home the following afternoon. Tuesday moring we went to the shooting range, and shot some skeet, with was a ton of fun.

I cant wait to get the Certifiable there next year after our time in Isla Mujeres Mexico. Hope the boss is keen.


Off to Key West this week for a week of pre fishing prior to the World Sailfish Tournament, then the Bahamas for the Shootout, Harbour island and the Big Four, then back to Florida to pick up the new boat.

Still got some openings for Cairns, so let me know if you want to join me on Tradition.



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