COURAN COVE 2006……What a hoot !!

Firstly, i must thank Peter Hargreaves, tourney director of Couran Cove again this year. This guy works trielessly, along with rest of committee, Mike Clare,his son Peter, Peter Pakula, Matt Gross, Brett Clarke,John Norling and Mark Ward to drive this thing and help make it one of the most fun and friendliest tourneys around. We arrived at Runaway Bay marina to be met by Tim Richardson who was driving his baby TRADITION up to Couran Cove so us southerners could fish in comfort for a change

So, my family, reds family, Leon and Josh all invade tradition and we are off. FOr those that have not fished on or been on TRADITION before, this boat is one very practical, yet very stylish, and very very comfy vessell. Tim, as a bloke is as nice as they come and always eager to help people achieve thier fishing goals with a world of experience.

The resort, was again just pure excellence !! I cant remember ever going to a place where EVERY member of staff right down to the janitors offer to help you if you need ANYTHING whatsoever. Fishing on tradition had its bonuses.

bonus #1 was we could consume copious quantities of alcohol and still crawl outta bed in the morning and get more sleep during the day if needed. bonus #2 We didnt get we AT ALL this year even in rain squalls…… Bonus #3 We have a great kitchen which was great in dealing with sore heads with fresh fruit platters for morning tea, Platters of king prawns, along with a variety of fresh meat cuts like Turkey,smoked ham,silverside,chicken etc and salads, avocados etc for lunches and lovely champagne and cheese platters back at the dock in the late arvo…YUM!!

Oh, We always had plenty of liquids on board also… Bonus #4 was the SUPER WINCH !! As marlin fishing was a bit quiet, we opted to fish for other species. And COuran Cove being ‘ALL TACKLE ALL SPECIES’ we though “why not”…… As reported by Josh, a very nice Hapuka and a dolly was the result at a time of year not that great for deep sea ooglies.

I must say though, i am more than impressed with Tim’s electric reel which is loaded with 200lb braid on what can only be called a SUPER SHORT STROKER fully rollered with all direction roller tip (i love that) We thought that weighing in a fish caught on 200lb braid and and electric reel was not really in the spirit of gamefishing so we didnt weigh our catch……….lol The food put on by couran cove was awesome, the preso night was fantastic with every angler getting prizes.

We then relaxed after the torney for a few more days. The restaurant Cooked our Hapuka for us on monday night in a few different ways which fed 24 with ease. Tues night we dined on the 18kg Dolly that Josh boated for us which was done 3 more different ways with a ripper of a thai fish dish also that was LUSH !

Wednesday My family and Uncle Leon Headed up to WET N WILD WATER PARK which was a great day. We then went back to our great freinds Pete & Jo Pakulas lovely home. Whilst the kids did their best to trash the house, Pete thought it best we hit the seaway for a quick flick in his new Boston Whaler. Well, this boat changed my mind on Centre Consoles(i previously hated them as they are ALL wet )

We scooted out and in less than 3 mins were at the seaway mouth without one drop of water on me or leon even after tacklng cruiser wakes that would have any boat copping some side spray of sorts. We flicked some plastics and slugs and went in seach of schoolin Macks and ended up with a few. We Zoomed back in from a few Km out with a 2m following sea and q little lumpy at times doing a very comfy 25knts, AGAIN without one drop of water anywhere inside the boat or on me.

We arrived Back in Sydney at approx 11.15pm. That was one long day but we certaily got the most out of it. Thanks to all of our great friends up there and others from Victoria that made up our wonderful Crew on TRADITION.(Leon,Josh, Jim and Sharon and kids,Peter and Vicky and kids, Pete and Deena and kids, Red and Lily and kids, I know Tim has us pencilled in for next year again. I cant wait. Its one place i look forward to going to every year. Its a tourney made in paradise. Well done to SPG&SFC and Couran Cove.


ps. Congrats to the winner overall which took out the comp with T&R of what they called 2 sailfish which ended up being spearfish……… Funny the winner was a very recent Pakula School student…………again………!!!

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