Dec 1 2005

Our season ended up with half our fish under 400 and the other half over 500lbs, including many 800lb fish and 4 tagged over 900lbs, as well as missing quite a few big fish, and having a few fall off close to the boat. With most of 2006 already booked, it is looking to be a huge season on Tradition.

Nov 20-22 saw a couple of guys from NZ fish with us and we managed to tag a few fish, including the last fish of the season for us at around 950lbs!! Had a bunch of bites down on Linden Bank, which continued into December for those still fishing, with many big fish getting tagged each day.

Nov 18: we fished Steve Gabriel and his family out of Lizard Island, while fishing up the top had been very slow, we managed a nice acrobatic fish around 250lb in some rough conditions

Tight Lines,
Tim Richardson

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Shakeel Ahmad

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