Dec 18 2008

Well after a couple of big weeks Chris and I have the boat back at home on the Gold Coast for a bit of time off.


The last couple of days with Ivan and the boys from Moscow saw us enjoying some great swimming and catching them some big sharks down on Linden Bank, we got some good footage on the tow cam of a big tiger shark eating a live skipjack, and followed that up with a giant whaler shark, this thing was 3 foot across the head, scary big fish!!!


On Dec 6 th we fished the girls for the 25th anniversary of the Ribbons Tournament. The girls managed a bunch of mahi mahi and we tagged a sail and pulled the hook on the leader on a nice black about 250. At the end of the day we came 3rd or 4th overall and the girls had a blast on a nice day out on the water.


Lincoln and Grant joined us for a few days down to Myrmidon and Townsville. the first day we broke line on the bite on a nice black about 500 and missed a nice big one on the scaley. The scad bite was so hard and fast the line snapped up and got wrapped around the rod tip, I was wide open in reverse, the boys were trying to unwrap the line but the fih was going so hard that the CRACK came before we could get it off!!!.


Next 2 days we had 8 bites from all small fish , managing to tag a small one. The rest we jumped off, missed on the bite etc. But the great thing was every one ate the scad or runner in front of the camera and we got some great footage. The mornings were filled with catching lots of nice 30-40 lb yellowfin tuna, and the freezer was full for the boys when we got back to the Gold Coast.


After a few days chugging Townsville we fished from Cape Moreton down to the Gold Coast. Chris tagged 6 from 7 little blacks and we had a great day to finish another big season on the Great Barrier Reef.


Happy Holidays to everyone, Tradition will be available on the Gold Coast from mid Jan to chase the little blacks and nice blue marlin thru to July.



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