Dec 7 2007

Mike, Michelle and I got into Yamba yesterday morning about 4 am, after coming straight thru from Lady Musgrave Island. The trip took about 44 hours and covered about 391 nm.

The water was cold off Fraser Island and down till we got south of the Cape Moreton Canyons, and once we got past Point Lookout on the Gold Coast the temp jumped up to 77.5 + and we raised a big blue on the rigger, really wide fish, about 600+, she never even looked like eating, so after a half hour in the same spot I kept Tradition towards home via a few other good spots.

Fished down past Jims seamount and then toward the Riv grounds, where we had a shot from a small fish, but no hookup.
Past the hump and heading towards the Tweed Canyons, we had a bite form a nice blue about 350lbs, which Michelle caught. This was her first Pacific Blue, and did a couple of nice jumps on the leader for Mike. We tagged the fish and will put up some pics when I get back to the boat in a few days.

Spent an hour or so in the Tweed Canyons just before dark, the sea was flat and the dolphins were everywhere.

It looked really good, but we didnt see any fish.

We kept heading south , now angling in to the coast for a straight run to Yamba.

With the boat home, cleaned up and now looking forward to chasing some blues in the canyons, as well as finding some good surf.

Thanks to Mike and Paul for a great season, not the best for numbers or size for us this year, although we did really well compared to a lot of big names. Everyone had a blast and we are already looking forward to huge season in 2008.


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