Dec 2 2007

Tradition left Cairns with a new angler David, and also Mikes partner Michelle arrived from Florida.

We fished Jenny Louise for a day woth no result and then went south the next day trolling outside the edge in about 800-1000 foot of water towards Myrmidon Reef (NE of Townsville).

We only had one bite, and tagged a nice feisty black for David about 550 lbs in flat calm conditions.
We kept going to Myrmidon for the night with 3 other boats, Castille who went 2 for 3 , Sweat and Tears came down from Cairns with us and tagged a nice 700 lb fish, and Mistress was also there on the way home to the Gold Coast.


The plan was to fish till early afternoon and then run into Townsville, but we had 4 bites, tagged a nice one about 800 lbs ealry afternoon, about 4 miles north of Myrmidon Reef.. Later in the afternoon we had adouble header, with a nice fish around 900 missing the shotgun , and a smaller fish missing the scaley on the right.


We spent the night there again and fished and swam our way back to Townsville by early afternoon.

We are currently in Gladstone, and heading to Lady Musgrave Island for tomorrow night, and then plan to fish wide all the way to the Gold Coast and then Yamba.


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Shakeel Ahmad

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