Happy Halloween from the GBR

Can it get any better? the sun is out, the wind is 15 knots , the seas are much nicer, oh, wait the conversion rate for us can definately improve!!!

Been seeing them and getting them up the last couple of days, but are continuing to have the small fish entangle themselves in the leader and fall off after about 30 seconds. Just long enough for Kelly to get all set in the chair, feel the drag and then fall off. Not the best result.

Thursday saw us raise a big fish that made a pass at the big bait and then disappeared. After working the area for a few hours it was time to head up the track a bit closer to Opal for the run in. At 6.20 we jumped off a little one and that was our day.

Friday we had 4 bites came tight on 2 and they both fell off, but did continue to mark good fish and bait in the area.

Been about the same for most boats, with a few getting the right bite each day, our turn is coming soon hopefully.
Still some good fish around the lower Ribbons , with some 700 and 800 fish the last couple of days.

Next week is open Nov 4 – 9 Tuesday to Sunday inclusive.

Let me kow if you can come.


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Shakeel Ahmad

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