March and April in the DR, lots of marlin

The last month has just flown by, with lots of fishing in the Dominican Republic, a quick trip to Puerto Rica, and more fishing !!!!

Our first trip was good way to start, we ran to the FADS off Saona, about 40 miles from Cap Cana, we saw 6 blue marlin, but only managed to get one to the boat out of 3 on 30 lb line.

The boss joined us for a couple of days, and after a slow first day going 1 from 2 on the blue marlin, we made up for it on the sunday , with 5 from 6 blues before we headed back in at 2 pm so they could catch a plane home for some meetings.

It takes a bit of time in each new place to work out how the current and bait and conditions affect what is occurring, and we then fished a bunch of days in a row which really helps in knowing what is going on and where I need to be at certain times of the day, tide and moon rise.

Greg joined us for 4 days out of Casa De Campo, where we were for the next 2 weeks, and over the 4 days he fished with us , we saw 16 fish and caught 9 blue marlin, not bad for 1 angler, and Gregs best day was 4 fish.

The next day we only managed 1 from 3 fish , but our guests had a great day and a break from the exceptional golf courses !!

Sunday the 25th of March say the Varney family from Florida join us for the day, and the DR did not disappoint. the 2 boys each caught their first blue marlin, and we ended the day with a double header for a total of 6 from 7 blue marlin. an incredible day !!! this gave us a total of 23 blue marlin in 9 days, showing just what a great fishery there is here in the DR.

Our last day in Casa De campo was the 28th of March, and we showed Tony some great teaser bites and went 3 from 3 , to finish another great day  !!!

Colin and I took the boat to Club Nautico in San Juan for 10 days to do some boat jobs and get some MTU issues partly resolved, and more important stocked up for the next 3 months in the DR.

On Friday we ran back to the DR from Puerto Rico with the boss and fished the afternoon off Casa De Campo, and had a great last couple of hours as the sun set, seeing about 12 fish, and catching 5 from 9, while jumping off another 3, and 1 was soooo close to the boat !!  With the sun way past the horizon we ran into the marina, dealt with customs etc and had a great dinner. We fished the same area again he next day, but conditions had changed and only managed to get 2 form 2 bites before running 60 nm up to Cap Cana where we will be for the rest of the season.

Sunday we fished a 3/4 day for white marlin and went 3 from 3 including a double that was fun.

So now we are back at Cap Cana, which is next to all the big resorts at Punta Cana, and if anything form last season is to go by, the fishing will be excellent. Most full days fishing will see about 4-8 white marlin and a blue or two as well, which makes for a whole lot of fun, and especial with such a short run here, maximises your fishing day.

We are open on the AMBUSH until June 10, form then on we are heavily booked for the next month or so before i head back to Australia for the black marlin season on TRADITION.

Hope to see you here in the Dominican Republic, or in Cairns, where i only have a few openings for this season left.



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