Nov 18 2007

Well thanks to the cyclone most of the fleet are back in Cairns and pretty much done for the season.

We fished 3 days with the My Way as mothership for friends of the owner. The wind was up, and the boys were keen.

Fished the top of 10 the first day down to the top of the marks and jumped one off at Heartbreak. A few were caught down at the bottom of 10 so that was the plan for Tuesday.

We punched our way down the inside of 10 catching a bunch of big baits on the way and came out the opening to be greeted by about a 10 foot swell with 25 + knots of wind.

Heading to the spot, we had a sneak attack on the scad and down and tight came a nice one about 400 lbs that went upsea into the waves for a while, then surfing downseas with Tradition going hard to keep up with the leader. A bunch of big going away downsea jumps for Mike and a clean release and we were on our way again. We had a couple more bites but did not come tight on either fish.

Wednesday was huge in the paddock between Lizard and the reef and we trolled out catching a couple of nice yellowfin tuna, and some more big baits. Once fishing off Day Reef the conditions were not too bad and the water was brilliant, life everywhere and good temp and colour, but no bites.

Due to the worsening conditions and 30+ knots of wind and 40 forecast we called a little early and trolled back to the Island.

The decision was to try to bail to Cairns the next day, and were not looking forward to it.

Cyclone Guba was intensifying, and due to be a cat 3 later on Thursday, so Russell on the 56 Viking Too Easy and I left Lizard just after am, and the plan was to get to the outer reef and then head south form there in the lee of the reef.
Coming around the corner I was relieved to find about 20 knots and 4-5 foot headsea, up to 1850rpm and off we headed. I had to slow down a couple of times for Russell , as he could not keep up in the short sharp sea. (These Dick Ward boats are the most underrated boats in Australia!!!)

We both made Cairns at about 1.45 pm, and took about an hour longer than if it was flat.

With charters cancelled for the week, I am off home for a few days, then back fishing on Monday next week.


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Shakeel Ahmad

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