Nov 6 2007

After a couple of days off in Cooktown we headed back out to the bottom of No: 10 Ribbon Reef where the fishing has been the most consistent the past few days. Some really nice fish have been caught, including an 1012lber for our Lizard Island angler Brandon , who is fishing with Sparrow on the Square Bear this week.

Yesterday , Dan and Glenn on Moana weighed an 1140lb black wide off Jenny Louise down off Cairns. A really nice fish for the boys, who have had a great season already!!!

We left Cooktown at about 9 am, baitfished to the bottom of No: 10 Ribbon, and put the baits in just outside the opening. We had a small fish eat the scad a couple of times and marked a nice one, but after and hour I headed up to join the 10 or so other boats on No: 10.

We saw most of the boats get bites or catching fish over the next hour, and waited for our turn.

I watched our sitership catch a nice one, and get another couple of bites, and saw the tunas on top about a mile offshore. As I got there, of course the birds took off out to sea and as I turned back inshore saw the yellowfins busting with no birds on them at all. As we got closer I marked a fish and had a bite from real big fish on the shotgun that ripped the tuna in half and went away.


Over the next 30 minutes, it was a bit hard to keep up with what happened, but I know we had 5 or 6 bites, 2 from BIG fish that we missed, and got a 550 and 600 lb ones that went wild on the leader for Mike. We had 5 or 6 fish up at once and we got the 600 out of this group.

As soon as we put the baits back out I marked 6 fish 100 feet down, but they did not come up again.

Everyone had bites and got soem fish, and I know Shaka got a real nice one as well. Everyone is happy that the fish are back!!!

The end of the season should fire, so email me for some open dates.

We trolled back to the bottom of No: 10 for the night.


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Shakeel Ahmad

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