Oct 20 2010

Been a busy week on the Tradition, after Georges grander on Sunday, we followed it up with a 900lb fish for Les at the top of No: 5 Ribbon Reef. This year has seen some amazing bites, and this one was no exception, I raised her and didnt get a bite, so in the middle of the turn she climed all over the big bait and proceeded to give Les a good workout in the Scopinich chair. A bunch of big jumps at the boat and we were done for our 5 days, tagged 3 fish, to1050lbs!!! a great week and we look forward to seeing the boys again next year.



Brent joined us for 6 days , and the weather the first couple of days was slick calm, then the change came thru!!! 20 + knots for the last 4 days, and continuing for the next week, but with good anchorages and conditions the fishing has started to pick up and is not too bad for us. There has been more and more fish marking each day, and some big fish around, we are looking forward a great 10 days with Greg.



I am fully booked until Nov 21, where I have an opening, as well as early December, which will give us that nice calm weather Nov is famous for, as well as big fish. With the full moon comes the tuna aggregation out wide, so looking forward to getting out there as well for some big eye and yellowfins up to 200lb, and some big black marlin that are feeding in these schools as well. Let me know if you want a chance to see some of this.



Capt Tim Richardson

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