Oct 6 2008 :Lizard Island Comp Day 1

We picked up Peter, Lydie and Claire up in Cooktown after we all had an incredible dinner at Shadows, which is now our go too place in Cooktown!!! We ran up to the top of No:8 Ribbon and fished down 9 for awhile, then went for a great snorkel and lunch, then just bait fished up to Lizard for the registration and breifing. I took the girls for a snorkel to the clam gardens and we all had a nice relaxing afternoon.

First day of the comp and after the sailpast (which this year was ok, I just waited and let everyone go!!!) we had the first fish on for the comp for Lydie, which we pulled the hook on the leader after about 10 minutes, so did not count for the comp, but did for Lydie!!!


Brian Felton running a littel private Riviera got the first release of the day, a nice big 900 lber up the top end, Hicks/Day area which also proceded to break the chair out of the boat!!! They then spent the next few hours fixing it before going back out.

Fishing was slow, I think there were only 6 fish tagged for the day, and another 6 or so bites. We anchored at the bottom of No:9 and are heading south today. The reports form the long liners off the seamount off Cairns is that the fish are thick, and on their way in. The forecast is for 10-15 and 15-20 the next few days, then really blowing Friday and Sat, so any fish offshore will be blown in in no time – Cant wait to catcha few big ones.


Here is Lydies fish on the tow cam as it ate, and a nice close up of a barracudas mouth!!!



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