Its the end of the fishing year for us.

November and season wrap-up for 2019

November kept our numbers rolling right along with some great fishing through the whole month. Kim and Lauren joined us for a quick 3 days, and since neither of the girls had been here before, we knew we were in for some great fishing. Back to #8 Ribbon and the fish were waiting, we tagged 4 blacks up to 700 , an awesome way to start the trip.The second day was a little slower, and we had to wait till the end of the day, but we got the bite we were waiting for , and after a quick 15 minute fight, Lauren released a 900# black, that put on an awesome show close to the boat.We fished the last day up on #10, and saw a bunch of fish through to 4pm, when we headed to Cooktown for changeover. the girls tagged 3 from 5 blacks, giving us 8 fish in 3 days. Oscar and the family joined us all the way from Spain, and we had a blast with some good fish. Over the 5 days we caught 8 blacks up to 850lbs, with Oscar and his son Christian experiencing some of the best that the GBR can put on.

Tom, Lewis and Glenn came from South Carolina for 5 days, and we made a move south the first day to be in position for the rest of the trip. Fishing off Opal Reef we caught a 400, then raised a triple and got a 500 and 300 out of the triple – lots of fun.Then we had a bite for a real big one that missed the bait.Back to the same spot on the 3rd day, and it was a busy day, we went 4 from 4, with a 250, then a hot 850, then on the way back to the edge we caught a 400# blue marlin on the scad, and another black around 250.We went back to the same spot, but only marked and had 1 fish , a little one, then back to the edge where we tagged a 400 and 250 before it got dark for some more fun. This gave us fish #70 for the season, which surpassed our 2018 total of 68!!!The last day started a bit slow, marking a few fish, but only 1 little one popped up, and fishing down the edge towards Carins, just before lines out to run in, we had the scad come down, and the fish stuck its head up, a real nice one. After a tough hour long fight, we got some incredible jumps on the leader. What an impressive fish to finish the trip on, such a great week with awesome friends, 11 fish in 5 days with an 850 and 900+.

Our 2nd last trip saw some nice fish, but the catching was bit off. The second day we tagged 2 fish, and back on the edge in the afternoon we fought a really hot 800# black for over an hour before she came off, just a really mean big fish, some incredible runs downsea and barely staying in the water, the jumps were so long.The last day of the trip we caught a black and a sail, so a good way to finish up the trip for sure.

Paul joined us again after a trip to DR with us, and although the bite had slowed , we found the fish he came all the way to Australia for, a real solid 950# fish that pulled hard. We caught some yellowfin tuna on poppers and a nice big wahoo, as well as another black to finish up. So our Cairns season was finished for the season, and was one of our best, with 76 marlin, with 2 blues in there, and an additional Sailfish. The weather was generally pretty good with only a few days of big wind.

After a good run back to the Gold Coast we fished 3 days and ended up with a couple of blues and a striped marlin. Our 2020 , and 2021 seasons are filling up, so please let me know if you are interested in joining us on the Tradition. [email protected]

Caribbean Season 2020 availability St Lucia 2020 A few different options are possible for our Caribbean season in 2020: February inMarigot Bay Resort and Marina St Lucia,Openings: Feb 7, 9-11, Feb 17-18, Feb 22-25 St Lucia to Puerto Rico/DR early March: tentatively – Feb 26 to March 2 in DR Dominican Republic 2020 March 10 – April 20 at Marina Casa De Campo Including the 2 tournaments March 12-14 and April 1-5. Fishing for blue marlin on fly and light tackle April 21 thru early June at Marina Cap Cana fishing for mostly whites, but with some good blues around as well on fly and 20# tackle.

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