Back in the Ribbons

Peter and Lydie joined us for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the season.

We spent the first week light tackle fishing, lots of snorkelling and spearing and great meals, as well as filling the freezers full of bait.

We started fishing in glorious weather, but a big high pressure system moved in and gave us some really solid wind, with 25 knots plus for a solid week. The good news was the fish were moving in as well from the Coral Sea, and we were seeing up to 6 fish a day.

Lydie was fishing 50 lb tackle again this year, after last season we fished the Lizard island Tournament, and also weighed the largest black marlin of the season for her on 130 lb tackle. This year it was back to chasing the womens record on 50lb. We caught a few small fish, and in the very rough conditions managed a nice fish around 500 lbs for her on 50.

Lydie also caught a nice big wahoo, which fought like a marlin with big runs all over the place, peeling off line, and then doubling back and heading for the boat, quite a fun fish.!! We did have a shot at a real big fish, but in the rough weather, we couldnt come tight on the fish. Lydie has already booked for next year for another shot at the record.

We have Alex and Paul joining us this week, and have had glamourous weather, but the fishing has been slow for us on the big fish. We have seen a few , but no bites yet, we raised a real big fish that had 3 small males with her, but they were more intent on chasing each other around then eating. With the wind picking up today for the next week, we hope it really turns on. There have been a few days here and there with lots of fish around, but the calm weather slowed it down again. Looking forward to seeing some big ones behind the boat today with the renewed wind !!!

Been a bit slow on the updates, I have had some major hacking on our email server, which has not been easy to communicate with anyone over the last 2 weeks.

If you have been trying to contact me, please resend your email, as its all working fine now.

Our current openings are Nov 5-14 , and then Nov 25 onwards, with the season starting a little late, November should continue as the month for big fish and into December as well. We will also be fishing the Gold Coast mid December thru to early February for the little black marlin and the big blue marlin out wide before i head back to the Dominican Republic for my season over there charter fishing.

Capt Tim

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