Back in Cairns, GBR !!!

Back in Australia for the Cairns season, I spent a few weeks getting the TRADITION ready to go north again for the marlin season.

Joining me for the trip up the first part of the coast was Anthony, Sean and Kyle, for 10 days of fishing, spearing and exploring.

We headed up through Moreton Bay, along the Sunshine Coast , inside Fraser Island and up to Lady Musgrave Island.

We trolled and  bottom fished our way up the outer reef, and then over to Mackay, where we cam across lots of whales that were intent on having a good look at us.

After dropping the boys at Mackay, I then had a couple of guys join us for the trip up to Cairns, light tackle fishing for little black marlin. We found the fish off Cape Bowling Green near Townsville for a few days, and then fished our way up to Cairns, for a total of 8 fish and a sailfish.

In Cairns this week getting the boat ready for the heavy tackle season, and a few reports of some medium fish being caught already by the couple of boats doing some early trips.

I have some great opportunities available for this season, including Sept 25 to 30, Oct 8-14 , for 1 person to share a charter 50/50, Oct 15-18 and then Nov 5-14 inclusive, which is again prime season. I then have nice calmer weather options open Nov 25 onwards.

Please call or email me for more information.
[email protected]
Intl 61 427 758768
Australia 0427 758768

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