Flyfishing for Marlin in the DR

Captain Jake Jordan, and Captain Erik Lorentzen joined me on Cap Cana to fish on the “Natural” for 4 days of fly fishing with Jakes clients from San Francisco.

Jake is a world leader in teaching people to catch billfish on fly, and Erik is one of the best teaser men on the planet, and spends lots of his time on the wheel in Guatemala guidin his clients to sails on fly.

Our goal was to try to catch a blue on 20lb tippet, and also a white if the opportunity presented itself.
Flyfishing is so different from what we do normally here, and raising fish is much harder as we are not pulling dredges, and hav eonly 4 teasers / switch baits out.

Where you would normally see 4-6 fish a day, we typically see about half that with the fly set up.  Having said that, we had a pretty good 4 days, with the first day teasing up 2 whote marli that didnt eat the fly, and a single white on the second day that did the same. The whites come charging in on the teasers, but when there is just the fly left, are not that keen to eat it !!! Throw them  a ballyhoo, and they will eat it readily.

Our 3rd day was slow, we didnt see a fish, but did see quite a few caught by the dead bait fleet.

our last day- well what a day !!!

Erik teased 3 blues and 2 whites to the back of the boat, where we jumped off the first blue after a perfect tease and switch, but threw the fly on the second jump.
This was followed by 2 whites that didnt eat the fly, then a blue that just looked at the fly and swam away.
Late in the day we had an awesome tease on one about 150 lbs, the fish ate the fly and the hook slid off his bill, then reteased him and he made a pass but missed it !! Incredible fishing.

Looking forward to next year down here in the DR for fly fishing

Thanks to Jake Jordan for bringing his wonderful clients, and Erik Lorentzen for his incredible teasing and hard work this week. is Jakes website for all your flyfishing needs for billfish.

Jake will be joining me in the DR again next year, to bring more of his guests to target blue and white marlin on fly rods !!!

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