Jan 4 2010

2010 already ?!!! Didn’t we just do the millenium thing a few years ago? Time is marching on and luckily we all get to enjoy it together.

The 2009 season was a big one for me on Tradition, the boat was away for just under 6 months and we fished a ton of days with our clients from all parts of the world.

This season we started off fishing 8 days with a family from Sydney, catching the boys all sorts of fish around the inner reefs, snorkeling every day and even swimming with a pod of dolphins that came up to investigate these strange intruders into their world an amazing experience for all of us. And capped it off with a little black marlin.

The boys from Melbourne joined us for a few days of fishing and drinking, catching some nice mackerel and yellowfin tunas and just enjoyed their trip immensely.

Our first heavy tackle trip was with the boys from my home club, and we managed to harass a few fish, but couldn’t get the tag in any, but the good news was the number of fish being raised each day.

Peter and Lydie returned from China for their 5th annual Great Barrier Reef trip on Tradition this year, and after winning champion lady angler at Lizard last year, this year set ourselves a new goal, the womens record on 50lb. We had some great bites, and managed to get the tag into a few fish, including one about 400, but didn’t get a shot at the one we were looking for. Another great trip for us culminating with their engagement at Pixie Pinnacle!!

Jason and Chrissy joined us from the US for a few days and we had a huge number of bites and managed a few good fish. A really fun charter for us all finishing up at Lizard Island.

We spent a week up on Jewel Reef fishing and spearing, and had a few incredible days, seeing up to 7 fish in a couple of hours, tagging 3,and let one go around 900 late one evening, that had 2 other good fish with her. A big dogtooth and a marlin on the pitch at the same time, incredible spearing and an awesome anchorage, will be up there some more next year!!!

Ken brought his fishing buddy Dan along this year for another 10 days mothershipping with the Bali Hai. Great friends, better food and topped it off with a nice 600 lber for Dan on his 60th birthday, a wonderful week for us all.

The boys from Moscow joined us again this year for a week and we had a huge number of bites and missed the biggest fish I have seen for nearly a decade, an absolute beast that crashed the big bait but didn’t come tight!!

Our biggest fish of the season came for Doc when he and John from Florida joined us for a week up at No:10, and was capped off by Docs fish that was right there at the grand mark, an awesome fish that we tagged in 10 minutes and was one of those special fish that keep us coming back to the Great Barrier Reef each year.

We shot down to Linden Bank for a few days with the boys from Melbourne and got each of them a fish, including a real nice 900 lber for Scott that gave Chris a good run on the leader with some big lunges and jumps.

Our last big trip of the season was with long term client Greg, who spent 10 relaxing days with us and was treated to some good fishing, capping it off with his hardest fight in all his years with us, a really tough 800 lb fish hooked in the corner.

The girls joined us again in early December for the Ribbons Ladies tournament, and while the weather was just awful, we had a great day catching some mackerals and dolphin fish and enjoyed what would be one of the best run tournaments in the world, the Ladies really put on an awesome show.

Our last trip from Cairns to Hamilton Island was a relaxing trip with our guests, fishing, swimming and spearing our way down the coast for a week before Chris and I got back to the Gold Coast on December 20!!!

Overall, I would say that the season for us was better than last year, with many more fish raised than in previous seasons and the number of BIG fish caught by the fleet over 1000 lbs was close to 50 fish at the end of the season, with all but 1 fish being released, so with those big breeding fish out there, the future looks awesome!!!

I have been enjoying a couple of weeks off and am back to the boat this week to start getting her ready for next season. Dates are already filling fast and am currently just juggling dates to fit everyone in, so if you are interested in joining me this season please let me know.

Also keep in mind our big trip over the top of Australia in 2011 to Broome and Exmouth for 7-10 day trips, leaving Cairns mid April and finishing in Cairns early September, ready for another heavy tackle season.

Have a wonderful 2010 and hope to hear form you soon and see you on Tradition.


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