Nov 8 2007

Dateline No:10 Ribbon Reef

After a slower day yesterday with no releases from a few bites, today was better. With the fleet scattering back to the middle, Cooktown and out wide on the seamount off Cairns, it was much quieter up here today.

We fished up 10 thru the marks, and up to heartbreak where we had a bite from a nice big fish around 800-900 lbs on the shotgun, but she came off after a couple of minutes. We wandered back south to where have been fishing and got a small one in close, before we even got back to where I was headed!!!

Back to the spot and we had a bite from a small fish which dropped the bait, and then saw a free feeder a little wider on the tunas. As we wandered over we got ambused and got a feisty one of about 300 lbs. I marked a few there but did not raise any and we then fished back to the top of no 9 for the night.


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Shakeel Ahmad

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