Nov 9 2009

After relocating to Port Douglas we fished Scott, Mark and Jamie from Melbourne for 3 days at Linden Bank off Cairns.

We saw a bunch of fish, and managed to tag 3 fish, one for each of the boys and a big one at 900 lbs for Scott, his lifelong dream fish!!! The fish put on an awesome show and gave Chris a big pull on the leader as it constantly changed directions at the boat.

Back out on Saturday with the boys from Russia who are back again after their late season trip last year. Fishing the midle Ribbons the last 2 days we have had 4 bites, had 3 on and got none all the way to the boat yet!!!. Jumped off an 800 lb fish after 20 minutes when she came up jumping all over the place, and then later in the day had an explosive bite form the biggest fish I have seen in years, but she just crushed the big mackeral in half and that was that.


Yesterday we fished the same area again pulled the hooks on a 500, and again right at the back of the boat one about 600 or so.


The fishing up and down the Reef has been incredible this past few weeks, and there have been more than 28 granders so far from what I can keep up with. Pretty much a grander tagged everyday now, and many much bigger ones encountered.

Only remaining dates open for this season are:

Nov 29 – Dec 4 Cairns Heavy tackle with choice of motherships or liveaboard

Dec 7 – Dec 12 Cairns to Mackay heavy tackle via Myrmidon reef with choice of motherships or liveaboard

Dec 14 – Dec 23 Mackay to Gold Coast – head to Swains for a night, then out to Suamarez Reef for a night or two, then out to Wreck Reef and Cato Reefs if the weather is good, 10 day trip, fishing for big blues and blacks, jigging and poppers for GT’s, Wahoo, Coral Trout etc. limited to 4 places, AU$5500 each for 10 days, arrive Gold Coast night of Dec 23 at GCCM.


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