Sept 8 2007

Well the Townsville Light Tackle Tournament is over for another year, with this weeks 5 days being somewhat different from last year!!!

The weather forecast had been pretty ordinary, and the fishing had been following suit. Last year the fishing off Cape Bowling Green was incredible with up to 17 fish a day and a slow day was 6 -8 fish. This year if you saw a couple you had a good day. After cancelling some charters due to lack of fish and constant 20-25 knot winds , 37 boats lined up for the run to the grounds.


With slow fishing you had to make the most of you shots, and this year I had 4 great anglers from the Surfers Paradise Sport and Gamefishing Club (which we are again top boat for this year for coastal waters).

The boys were super keen and we made the most of our chances, tagging one for Mike and breaking line on a really mad tail wrapped fish right at the boat. Last year we were getting around 10 bites per day, this year was 1-2 on a good day. Bait schools were a bit scarce and were moving really fast making staying on them really had. Stopping to jig bait and letting your baits sink would have the school 200 yrads away in no time, and you would turn around and see another boat hook up right where you had been 30 seconds ago!!! Really Frustrating.


It was really great to see all the big boats anchoring behind Cape Bowling Green , which made the run to the grounds about 15-30 minutes, rather than 2-3 hours from town. Our good friends Capt Jim on the Reel Chase won again with 6 fish for the 5 days, which was a top effort considering how slow it was.

Now with all the light tackle put away in storage for the rest of the year, we are heading out of Townsville to bait fish and heavy tackle fish our way north to Cairns or Cooktown.

Paul “Kiwi” Sharpe has joined me again for this season, and along with Mike Halle who arrives next week , I have two of the finest mates on the planet. These boys have fished about everywhere and we have all known each other for years. Wheres Glenn I hear you ask? He fished Townsville with me and is fishing with Daniel on the Moana III this season.

2007 Dates available:

Sept 17 – 22 inclusive Heavy tackle Cairns -Cairns Liveaboard or Mothership avaiable (or any number of days up to the 22nd).

Sept 29 – Oct 2 inclusive Heavy tackle Cooktown to Cooktown This was one the best weeks last season Mothership with Bali Hai or liveaboard with up to 3 guests. (4 days).

Nov 3 – Dec 15 inclusive Heavy Tackle liveaboard up to 3 guests and mothership available.

Dec 1-7 Cairns to Townsville heavy tackle out wide, seamounts, Flora and Flinders Reefs. AU$2000 per day up to 3 guests.

Dec 9-15 Townsville to Gold Coast AU$2000 per day up to 3 guests. light and heavy tackle depending on fishing.

please call Capt Tim for more info 0427 758768 or intl 61 427 758768 or email [email protected]

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