May 17 2009

Hobe Sound Florida !!!!

Only a few more days till I head back to Australia, after a great month in the US. Caught up with a bunch of friends all up and down the coast, went up to Charleston and Savannah, saw the space shuttle take off from the beach in Melbourne, and then went down to the Keys to fish with Brandon for a couple of days.

Went out Tuesday with Brandon, his dad and Erin. flat calm, we headed out to the secret swordfish hole, about 30 miles from their house. Putting out the first bait we got a bite from a big mahi mahi, but fell off , so I put out a ballyhoo and proceeded to catch 6 nice gaffers while we drifted around swording!!! First fish was about 250, and pretty much came straight to the boat, and did a few jumps about 50 feet from the boat, what an awesome fish!!! Put him in the boat and rest.


I pugged the fish after a quick photo, and was amazed at how cold the core temp is of these daytime fish over the night time ones. Even after about 10 minutes on the deck, when I pulled out the stomach cavity, it was cold, but then it cant be too warm down 1700 feet where we are fishing!!! Next drop had a few bites but no hookup, so moved off and set for a drift. did a little longer than normal drift and ended up finding some new ground, good changes in elevation, and the all important green fuzz on the sounder and then a few bites and we were on.


This one fought a bit better, and even after putting the dart in his head, pulled off 100 feet of line from the electric and the harpoon rod. This one was about 150 lbs, and was just dogged at the boat. Swords are the coolest fish on earth!!!! And is on the grill tonight !!

Headed home and got cleaned up. The same day RJ Boyle fished up in Pompano Beach and got a couple as well. One boat near RJ got one about 550 lbs that jumped all over the ocean right next to RJ’s boat !!!! Just an incredible sight. If you are interested in fishing in Florida for these fish let me know and I will put you in touch with these two guys who have led the daytime deep drop fishery.

On the Cairns front, I have booked a few weeks of work while over here, and the season is looking great. I still have some time open in each month, from mid Sept, Lizard Island Comp the last week of Oct, and Nov and Dce time as well. There is only a week available in each month so get in quick.

Will be home next weekend to finish getting the TRADITION ready for Cairns , then off to China to see long time clients on their home turf!!


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